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The Pivots!

The Pivots!
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  • The Pivots indicator has arrived. This long awaited indicator plots pivot lines on every kind of TradeStation Chart, including: Range, Momentum, Kase, Time, Tick & Volume as well as Kagi, Line Break, Point & Figure, and Renko.


  • IMPORTANT! - If you are using either RangeMometum, or Kase charts, you need this indicator in order to plot Daily, Floor, Weekly & Monthly Pivots on your charts. The built in TradeStation pivot indicator and many other "Auto" Pivot Indicators will NOT plot pivot lines on Range, Momentum or Kase Charts.


  • By simply entering the high, low & closing price, The Pivots! will plot fully customized lines on your charts.


  • Each Pivot line is fully adjustable to accommodate the type of line, the thickness and the color too!


  • You can also chose to show all types (Daily, Daily Mids, Floor Trader, Weekly & Monthly) or you can pick and choose which ones to show or not show.


  • There are no labels on these lines as the additional text uses even more system resourses. As a result, I have the following default layout setup for you, but you can customize them to your own preferences:
    • Daily Pivot Style - Solid Lines (1), Pivot Size [Line thickness] (3)
    • Daily Mid Pivot Style - Dotted Lines (2)
    • Floor Trader Pivot Style - Dashed Lines (2)
    • Weekly Pivot Style - Large Dash/Small Dash Line (4)
    • Monthly Pivot Style - Large Dash/Two Small Dash Line (5)
    • R5 Color = Dark Red
    • R4 Color = Dark Magenta
    • R3 Color = Red
    • R2 Color = Magenta
    • R1 Color = Dark Green
    • PP Color = Yellow
    • S1 Color = Dark Green
    • S2 Color = Magenta
    • S3 Color = Red
    • S4 Color = Dark Magenta
    • S5 Color = Dark Red


    • ATTENTION MEMBERS: Active members can purchase the  The Pivots! for only $49.97. When you checkout make sure to enter your member email address in the order form to qualify for the discount. You will not see the member discount price until you click "Review Order".


The Daily Pivots!

E-Mini S&P500 - Range Chart




The Daily & Mid Pivots!

E-mini S&P 500 - Range Chart



The Floor Trader Pivots! 

E-mini S&P 500 - Range Chart



The Weekly Pivots! 

E-mini S&P 500 - Range Chart


The Monthly Pivots! 

E-mini S&P 500 - Range Chart


All The Pivots! 

E-mini S&P 500 - Range Chart